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Website Design


Web Design

Common Sense Tech works with you to make a website that is unique as your business or organization.  We'll help you have a professional presence online that lets people know that the values of your business, church, school, or other organization are worth taking seriously.  Common Sense Tech is not an agency, so we don't have agency pricing.  Our designs are efficient and can be maintained through a low cost service contract or we can train you to do it yourself.  All prices in the pricing table are starting points - more stuff means more dollars.

Web Design Pricing

Simple Site


Simple as it gets - a few pages, rarely updated, and basic contact info.
Good Site


A little bit more - we can start talking about some bells and whistles!
Best Site


Anything you need is in this site - with room to grow!

Hosting of Sites

You really should host your site with Common Sense Tech.  We contract server space from a company with 99.999% uptime and multiple sites so that if one goes down, the others pick up the load.  We won't tell you who it is, but we'll tell you who it isn't.  Hosting prices are an annual fee in addition to what's above.  Simple sites start at $100 per year (free for the first year!), and go up from there.  Hosting costs will vary widely depending on what you want in your site.  We'll talk when you sign up!