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With fifteen years of experience in large business, small business, non-profits, education, and faith based organizations, we've seen it all.  Shrinking budgets, seemingly impossible demands, aging technology that is on its last legs, and unrealistic expectations can drive a cash strapped organization insane.  We can help restore sanity with a Common Sense approach.

Cloud services, refurbished technology, and outsourcing have all been seen on TV and promise to save us money.  But just going in without proper planning and a lack of understanding of the long term implications  can leave you worse off than when you started.  Put another way - you may be burning dollar bills to smoke out a few pennies.

Let us help you determine your organizations needs, the needs of your clientele, and what your final destination is going to be.  We can be the compass that keeps you on the map, and takes you where you need to be.

Rates for consulting are negotiable but there is a four hour minimum.  If you are interested in our consulting services please use our contact page to start it up!

Consulting Services

  • 90%
    Web Design
    Great website design for your organization or business!
  • 95%
    We've been at this for years - we've worked with every size of budget from $500 - $5,000,000.
  • 85%
    IT Services
    We don't provide service directly - but we know the best!
  • 75%
    Social Media
    Have a nephew that "knows Facebook" - um, you can do better.